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Note about this site

I created this site several years ago and there is still some good information here. I have moved on to a different venture doing Reflexology and Raphaology. The V-Plus program was altered in the last update in a way that made it not usable for those that are more sensitive to frequencies and now is no longer supported by the creator of the program. Where the idea and intention of the program was good, the necessary updates for the program did not manifest, so I am not using it in my business as I used to.

Please join me at nurturedliving.com to find out how you can benefit from energy work through reflexology, and how you can eat "peak foods" so that your body can repair and boost function through foods and herbs following a practice called Raphaology.

Energy and the Body

What do frequencies have to do with me?

Much research has been done on the body-mind connection and how everything created is made of energy and resonates at specific frequencies. All emotions and thought patterns have a frequency. Every organ in the body has a frequency. Different states of health and disease have frequencies associated with it. We are energetic beings in a flesh suit.

Energy work is a way to balance the energy that flows through us so that our bodies can better resist disease. This information is based on years of work done through acupuncture which is part of Chinese medicine.

To change the world, change yourself.
Lasting change comes
when you change your mind.

~ Cindy Johnson ~

Our Goal for a happier life

The goal for a happier life comes when we are able to have complete control over how we respond to others. When we get to the point where other people's actions do not get inside us and bug the $#%@ out of us. The goal is for our lives to abound with love, peace, joy and excellent health, and that we fully let go of all our fears, anger, resentments, and anything else that holds us back from experiencing true freedom in our lives.


The information and services provided in this Web site are not intended to replace professional care. Specific and implied results are not guaranteed. In addition, I am not a licensed therapist, counselor or doctor, and any information on this site has come from my own experience and/or education and is meant only for educational purposes and is not intended to be used as medical advice. Your self-care for your well-being is ultimately your responsibility.



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